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Using POG with Flex

written 4144 days ago

Recently, we’ve been contacted by Justin Opitz, a flash developer, because he was trying to get POG to work with Flex. After playing with the configuration for a few days, he was able to get it working. His solution looks like it would be extemely helpful to anyone else trying to get Flex working with any lightweight PHP library.

Justin’s POG + Flex solution

We welcome other input from other flash developers who have worked or are currently with POG. So, don’t hesitate to contact us with your problems/questions.

Hello, my name is daniel from brazil. I have entire portal created using pog with flex and ajax. Everything works perfectly and pog objects are perfect to send via remote object using AMFPHP. The url for portal is ... Only admin painel for registred user are maded in flex, register and see how fast flex + amfphp + pog can be.

daniel    Mar 13, 02:00 PM    #

POG is very easy to use and updating my db is now a snap. The nightmare is over.

I hate writing value objects as much as I dislike db work… so what I’m working on at the moment is to databind some of my form fields to variables in the array of pog_attribute_type, which is returned by each AMFPHP service method result.

Is there anything out there documented about this property? I’d be curious to know how other’s use this field?

Swidnikk    Mar 16, 01:53 PM    #

While getting POG to talk with Flex was a success, it was only a first test. I have run into a few more issues and I hope that the community can maybe lend their assistance.

While I have successfully established a remoting solution going from POG => AMFPHP => Flex, I am having a bit of trouble going in the reverse direction. Namely I cannot successfully take a AS3 value object (that maps to a corresponding POG Objects) sent from Flex, to a php function that simply returns that and maintains the class structure. I instead get back an ObjectProxy. This leads me to believe that the POG objects are not being handled correctly by the AMFPHP gateway or the POG Object structure is not able to accommodate remoting translation.

If any of you are interested in tackling this problem with me, please send me an email: jwopitz (at)

justin opitz    Mar 20, 01:28 AM    #

ok so I started a google code project for what I hope will be a solution/framework for using ActionScript, AMFPHP and POG.

You can check it out here:

justin opitz    Mar 20, 06:50 AM    #

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